Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold, Cloudy, Cairo Reality = a post for the Commies (yes...two posts in one day)

Woke up before the sun, in the land of the sun, and here I am...wearing sunglasses at night in my hostel dorm room as the fluorescent light attacks my eyes after a full day of cloudy skies and frozen toes as the Cairene streets turn mad with magical honking in the tune of celebration as Egypt just won a soccer match against Cameroon, putting them in the semifinals!!!

Spent much of the day outside many stories above ground feeling like a perched two different locations, both of them equally as cold.


ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT (c) Anna Kipervaser, On Look Films, LLC All Rights Reserved 2010


Rodion said...

Love it!

Tata said...

ANNA these pics are GREAT! YOu are amazing!! If you need anything let me know, Tata

Lynne Jordan said...

... the pyramids... sigh....

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