Saturday, February 20, 2010

Light Me Up: closure

I can't say much about some things. Some things are sacred and others are just best kept quiet, still inside my heart. At least for now. The least I can do is say that I feel like I'm in a dream.

I've been back now for two days. I feel a little ill - my stomach, nose, throat and head. Been sleeping on and off like a 2 year old. Have got to start sending OLF gifts out to those who donated, have to start looking through the footage. photos and audio gathered and connecting the dots.

It was a great trip! Filled with love and magic and coincidences and breakthroughs and wins and losses. More got accomplished than originally expected or hoped, but with that come more expectations and hopes! ehhehe.

Now I have to get back to making stuff happen here in Chicago before the initial depression of being back home sets in. Theres a lot of footage to go through, a lot of things to reflect on and to figure out.

I have called three people since Ive been back including my parents; It's taking me a few days to adjust. I think by midweek I will begin to reconnect here and to understand exactly what needs to be done and how and I will begin.

It's all moving forward.

I want to talk about the painting project inspired by Sinai,, but I simply can't. Not only because I cant here, but also because the experiences I had that inform the painting project were so spiritual and unexplainable that I only hope I can paint them. I now have family in the mountains, and I am more grateful for that than anything else in the world. I don't know what direction my life will take now, but the transformation that took place and continues to is a heart transformation, one that I am most honored to be a part of.

Much like the film, I think this trip has got to have transformed the painting project in more than a million ways: therefore I must transform the way I write about it, talk about it and also the actual making of it, too!


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